It wasn’t until recently that I started working from home again – what a relief – and since I don’t spend so much time on the daily commute, I found myself with extra hours that I could use to tidy up my home and get a taste of that not-so-strict minimalistic kind of life I love.

Why have I decided to start living a bit more minimal? The answer is simple: simpler life, simpler choices and way less to clean. Throughout my research, I have not come across any downsides in quality over making these choices.

Let me share a handful of reasons to leading a more minimalistic life and how it can improve yours:

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The less you own, the less time you spend cleaning or distracting yourself. Discard what weighs you down, keep only that which brings value and is useful to you, and then make it your own.

Simplifying your life is not as hard as it sounds. You can always start with the basics – wardrobe, shoes, accessories, pantry, apps on your phone, electronics, you name it! There are so many different ways to start simplifying your life right now, don’t just wait until Monday to start. Do it now!


You’ll soon realize the amount of time you saved once you cut back on that which you don’t really need. You can then repurpose your attention on things you actually enjoy.

Less time cooking elaborate meals or cleaning around your house, more time handcrafting or dusting off that camera.


This is probably by far everyone’s favourite.

Once you start being more mindful about things that you really need instead of going on shopping sprees, money will pile up. Besides, the less you have, the less money you need for maintenance or replacements.

Pssst! Forget those random items I’m sure you don’t need. Curve your impulses and watch your money grow. I know it sounds pretty obvious, but this is one of those things we fall prey to every single time, myself included. Am I right?


It does! Do it right now! Pick up your socks, your used coffee cups or your pile of laundry.

The more you declutter, the more space you’ll free up, the more you’ll be able to breathe a little easier, and the better you’ll feel. And let’s be honest, a tidy home looks much better.

In just a couple of hours, I managed to declutter an entire room dedicated to my cats, which now serves as my office. The number of things I threw out and gave away was just insane. But it did feel great!


What I love about the minimalistic space in my office right now, is that the less I have around me, the less my mind wanders. It adds so much needed focus without much effort. Lifestyle hack right here!

Even with a tidy room, there will still be distractions. In writing this blog, my cats found ways to steal my attention, as cats often do. Lock the office door, ask Alexa to play some relaxing sounds, and let your creativity take over. Keep those pesky furballs away, at least for a little while.


It doesn’t really matter. But it does!

Becoming a minimalist is not a competition. It can be a recurring quest, at which you’ll become faster and better very quickly. It’s all about putting yourself in the right state of mind, and the easiest way to do that is through self-organizing and tidying it. It’s a neat little superpower everyone has. And it works!

As a wise bear once said: Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities. It’s time to take that wisdom to heart.

Do you have any tips? Don’t be shy, I’d love to hear what you have to say.


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