Woohoo! It’s done! 2019 arrived and brought with it new hopes, goals, and aspirations. I imagine most of you are buried neck deep into work already, and you’re not alone – I started the year with a BOOM! Ah, 2019! Let’s not forget about the “new” list of New Year resolutions we made for ourselves. If you’re anything like me, that resolution list is a crude laundry list of wishful thinking save for a few achievable and realistic goals that may get done.

I want to share with you what I’ve been doing wrong in the past year and how I crossed off many proposed goals off my New Year’s Resolution laundry list—in a few simple steps.

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Be Realistic

Make sure you pick realistic goals. Think in terms of things you can accomplish for certain within the timeframe of these brand new 365 days.

Break down BIG goals in SMALLER fragments

Rome wasn’t built in a day – yeah, yeah. Take one step at a time, and sure enough, you will get there. I love tackling larger goals, simply because they look imposing and difficult to get, and I love a good challenge!

The obvious benefit is when you find yourself accomplishing all these baby goals, it will keep you motivated and your eyes on the prize until you complete the BIG goal.

Stick to a Calendar

The use of a calendar will provide a bird’s eye perspective of your plan and progress and will keep that DEADLINE in view! This is very important and one of the many reasons why most of our lists fail. We often write down what we wish to do this year, but we don’t set a deadline and we hope that the universe will just align for us. It will but only if you make it happen. Set a date and work hard to accomplish your goal before or until that day arrives.

Google Calendar is the simplest and easiest to use, and you can always share it with your significant other (or anyone else for that matter). Create individual calendars for your specific goals – if you are super detail oriented and that way, you can also disable calendars for a better view whenever you need to.

Outlook calendar is another excellent choice. There are tons of Calendar apps you can use, but I found the simple, the better, and therefore have stuck with the Google Calendar for my work to date.

Having a plan is pointless but planning is essential

Or so the saying goes. A planner will keep you organized and efficient. Personally, I don’t write down the specific times – the start and end times of a specific activity. I keep it very simple; I only list the items I want to tackle during the day. WHEN I do that, it’s entirely up to my discretion, as long as it gets done. And it does.

I’m a gamer, so my perspective changes to my benefit. I see my tasks as side quests and actions that lead to greater achievements. Think World of Warcraft Achievement System or Steam badges. Completing tasks in this mindset can be very satisfying. After all, no quest can be marked complete without a good amount of GRINDING!

On that note, there are some sweet apps to help keep your GRIND have that RPG feel in real life.

Here’s two that I like:

·  Epic Win website Android Apple

·  Habitica website Android Apple


You can elaborate on all the action steps required to attain any goal imaginable, but it can all become useless very quickly if you don’t exercise consistency. It doesn’t matter if you fail – struggle and failure are part of the ecosystem of creation. There is much to learn from both. The important thing is that you need to remain consistent.

Even 10 minutes a day – if that’s all you can invest – is progress that can be classified as consistency.

So, deviate from excuses. Focus on your action steps. Stay on track even if that means a few minutes a day. Every small progress is still progress.

Checklist Goodies

If you’re a checklist maniac, check out this helpful collection from The Power Five Zone book:

· The Power Five Zone Cheat Sheets

· The Power Plan and Achievement 1:3:5:7 Example

· The Achieve 1:3:5:7 Template

·  The 7 Day Disconnect Challenge Checklist!

My 2019 Resolution

·  Cook at home more often – my wallet will thank me.

·  Learn a new language (German) – because I like how they say SCHMETTERLING!

·  Visit a new country – as opposed to not visiting a new country.

·  Take at least 2 road trips – everyone deserves an escapade occasionally.

·  Read 10 books – food for the mind.

Short, easy and straight to the point. Now it’s just a matter of organizing my calendar and I’m good to go.

Want to share your 2019 goals? Let me know in the comments below!


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